Can You Put A Gas Grill Under A Covered Porch? (Expert’s Take)

With the summer on the way, it’s almost time to fire up the grill. But unfortunately, not many of us have an open space to set up our BBQ station and for those who do, the weather may not always be forgiving. The alternative? 

Setting up your grill under the covered porch!

Can you put a gas grill under a covered porch
Can you put a gas grill under a covered porch? 

Many people have used this setup before and you can consider it too, provided you take proper safety precautions. While setting up your grill on the covered porch or patio, make sure you are keeping enough overhead space and clear wall areas. The flames from the grills can cause an accident if you are not careful with the inflammable objects on your porch, so make sure they are tucked away. 

In this article, we cover all possible safety points to guide you with the whole outdoor grilling on your porch.  

Can You Put a Gas Grill Under a Covered Porch? 

Yes, you can. However, the porch or patio must have sufficient space. If it’s too small or crowded, it’s not a good idea to set up a gas grill there. The porch must have adequate ventilation so that dangerous fumes and smoke can escape. Additionally, the ceiling must be at a reasonable distance from the flame to avoid any unpleasant occurrence. Finally, it’s essential to maintain the grill properly

How Much Overhead Clearance does a Gas Grill Need?

It’s ideal to have a minimum of 60″ clearance between the grilling surface and the overhead construction. Additionally, the gas or propane grill must also have a 10-foot clearance from the side walls.

Where Should I Place a Gas Grill on My Patio?  

Where Should I Place a Gas Grill on My Patio
Where Should I Place a Gas Grill on My Patio?  

According to the NFPA regulations, the gas grill must be 10 feet away and 3 feet above any inflammable things. It’s also important to keep the grill at a minimum distance from any building to avoid any fire hazards. It’s best to check with the local building department before setting up the grill.

Potential Risks of Using a Gas Grill Under a Covered Porch  

While grilling on the porch sounds like a fascinating idea and many people do it, the endeavor is not without risks. Though many things can go amiss especially when you are dealing with fire, let’s talk about the top three hazards. 

Potential Risks of Using a Gas Grill Under a Covered Porch  
Potential Risks of Using a Gas Grill Under a Covered Porch  

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Grilling in a covered area like that or a porch or patio does not allow the dangerous fumes to escape, which is quite dangerous. The situation worsens for those using a charcoal grill and inhaling the resulting fumes can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Fire hazards

As known, enclosed spaces obstruct air circulation causing a fire hazard. A porch is drier than a yard and there is an eminent fire risk, especially if there is inflammable furniture made from wood and wicker around. 

Gas leaks

Gas leaking from the tank can lead to a disastrous event if one does not know how to handle the situation. To avoid such an event it’s best to keep the tank turned off when the grill is not in use. 

Tips for Safely Using a Gas Grill Under a Covered Porch 

Grilling on a covered porch or patio though is great outdoor entertainment, following proper safety tips is essential. 

Tips for Safely Using a Gas Grill Under a Covered Porch
Tips for Safely Using a Gas Grill Under a Covered Porch

Ensure proper ventilation

The closed porch or patio must be well-ventilated. Additionally, the grill must be placed at least 5 feet away from the house deck and other buildings. There should be a minimum 3ft overhead clearance. Finally, it’s essential to use grill pads between the grates. 

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines

Every grill gas has certain features and associated dos and don’ts. Manufacturers often mention the right way to use the grill in the user guide or manual. It’s important to stick to these instructions and not deviate to avoid any unfortunate event. 

Keep the grill a safe distance from walls and other surfaces

The grill must be at least 3 ft away from the house, nearby construction, with proper overhead clearance. Even when safe distance is ensured, it’s not a good idea to keep the grill unattended while in use. Also, keep the fuel and burner clean and avoid any food piles on them. 

Regularly check and maintain the grill

Proper upkeep of your grill is important to ensure its safety. If the grill and its grates are not cleaned after use and regularly, they may accumulate gunk which might lead to accidents. It’s important to wipe the grill clean after every use to ensure that food does not pile on the grates or the tank. Not only will regular cleaning extend the life of the grill, it will also eliminate the chance of accidents. 

Alternatives to Using a Gas Grill Under a Covered Porch

If you aim to grill on your covered patio, there are a few alternatives to gas grills that you can check. Each grill has its pros and cons and it’s best to consider them before you take your call. 

Alternatives to Using a Gas Grill Under a Covered Porch
Alternatives to Using a Gas Grill Under a Covered Porch
  • Electric grills:  Electric grills are very popular among apartment dwellers who cannot use a charcoal grill. Unlike charcoal grills, they do not produce deadly carbon monoxide gas and are quite budget friendly. 
  • Charcoal grills:  These are the most traditional types of grills and require precautions for safe use. It’s important to keep the area clean of any inflammable rocks or material. It’s also important to add the charcoals carefully so that it does not cause any sparks or flares. However, this is the only type of grill that can add the desired smoky flavor to your meat. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Grill Under an Awning?

Yes you can, provided your awning is at a proper height and your grill is functioning optimally. It’s important to inform your designer that you plan on cooking under your awning before installation.

Can a Gas Grill Explode?

Unfortunately, yes. Propane grills can explode especially when the tank gets too hot or if gas accumulates around the grill. Another reason for an explosion may be a faulty design of the tank. Many times people are unaware of such defects which may lead to accidents. A defective gas regulator can exert pressure on the tube causing it to break which might lead to an explosion.

Where should you not put a grill?

The grill should be placed away from your garage house or trailer. As per government regulations, there should at least be a 3ft distance between the grill and any building around. Finally, your grill should not be kept on a wooden deck.


Indeed the summers are all about grilling and grilling outdoors has a charm of its own. While grilling on your covered porch may sound like a fine idea, it’s best to weigh the pros and cons of the decision to make an informed choice. Make safety your priority. 

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