About Us

Hello, fellow grill newbie! Welcome to the world of grilling! I am Robinson Gomez, and today I will tell you all about this fascinating art. 

Since you are here already and continuing to read, you must be interested in the fine art of grilling. You couldn’t have made a better choice! 

Where should you start? What should you buy? What are the best pieces of equipment to invest in? I have the answers to that and a lot more in store for you. 

Through this website, I will share my grilling knowledge, amazing hacks, and lip-smacking recipes, encouraging more people like you to take part in outdoor grilling. 

Anthony grilling IQ

Though I did not grow up learning how to grill, it was a skill I picked up on the way, and I am very excited to tell you all about it! I request each of you to join me in this satisfying journey as I go on to discover and reveal various grill delicacies from around the world, grilling methods, and try out different tools and techniques. 

Grilling IQ is going to be your go-to grilling handbook, and I promise to provide you with in-depth materials on the different aspects of grilling. You will find blogs, accessories reviews, and fascinating trivia that will enhance your interest in grilling by quite a few folds.

 Why should you trust me?

 I will scrutinize every piece of information and content, I will put on this site. Before talking about any given product and sharing the links with my audience, I will research the product thoroughly, use it myself and talk to other users too. In fact, I am already at it. Currently, I am in the process of reviewing a bunch of new tools and accessories so that I can provide the most realistic reviews to my audience. 

So get ready and let the grilling begin!