Grilling vs Broiling: Best Comparison

Grilling is a common term connected with barbeque, while broiling is something most people rarely hear. This article will help you understand the similarities and differences between grilling vs broiling.

Grilling vs Broiling
Grilling vs Broiling


Grilling needs fuel, such as charcoal, firewood, wood pellets, or gas. This fuel enables the grill to generate heat. We place the food onto the top of a metal grate, which gets heat from the flame below it to have uniform cooking.

The grill allows food to cook at 600 degrees F temperature or more. Grill helps to have a quick browning with its high heat. 



Avoid cooking food that requires short cooking time. It may result in excessive burning on the outer side.


In broiling, we expose food directly to the heat in a broiling pan or oven’s broiler. The broiling pan is located just below or above the oven. Now you may wonder why not cook in the oven. Why do we need an extra broiling pan or broiler, right? 

The oven facilitates cooking with indirect heat that cannot surpass a temperature of more than 500 degrees F. The broiling pan or broiler helps to cook food at more than 500 degrees F, giving you the same results as a griller.


Broiling at high temperatures rapidly chars the food and makes it crispy. Let’s now understand a few similarities between grilling and broiling.

Grilling vs Broiling: Differences

Differences of Grilling and Broiling
Differences of Grilling and Broiling

Temperature limits

With broiling, you can cook at about 550 degrees F at the max. Go with a griller; if you want to cook food at higher temperatures.

Pan for broiling, Grates for grilling

Broiling requires a pan to hold the food. The pan helps retain the juices; else risk of the oven catching fire will always be there. Moreover, the entire cooking will be messy, compelling you to put in sizeable efforts to clear everything.

Broiling is for indoors and grilling is for outdoors

Broiling is for cooking inside the house. So you don’t have to worry about the outside weather. A rainy, windy, chilly, or hot day doesn’t affect your cooking. You can enjoy your food irrespective of the climate outside.

Broiling is for indoors and grilling is for outdoors
Broiling is for indoors and grilling is for outdoors

With grilling, the outer weather matters. Ideal weather is essential to enjoy grilling. In addition, if you are planning to grill at an unknown location, you must be careful and plan to mitigate any risk factors beforehand.

Taste matters

Food cooked in a broiler may not be smoky as that from a griller. People who love smoky flavors go for a griller. While those who don’t like the smoky or charcoal taste opt for a broiler.

Charring differs

A griller will char the food better than a broiler. This charring is due to the higher temperature than 550 degrees F, to which the broiler is limited. A better sweltering allows for retaining the juices and flavor. That’s the reason why many people like grilled food.


The broiler is supposed to offer only direct heat to cook the food. The griller provides indirect heat. Moreover, you can regulate the heat in a griller if you notice it heating excessively.

Grilling vs Broiling: Similarities

Generates high smoke

High smoke is general in both grilling and broiling. The smoke’s proportion corresponds to the fatty amount in the food you cook. Any addition of oil, marinades, and sauces will also add to the smoke amount. It is ok when you are cooking in an open area.

SimilaritieS of Grilling and Broiling
SimilaritieS of Grilling and Broiling

But inside the house, the smoke might be a pain. You must cook in a well-ventilated area to help the smoke pass away quickly. You can cut out the extra fatty substances from the meat to control the smoke.


The risk of flare-ups is in both. It’s essential to monitor your food while broiling or grilling to save it from excessive burnouts by flare-ups. You can use baking soda to soothe small flames. Keep a fire extinguisher within your reach to control big flames. Avoid extinguishing the flames with water. It may result in more flare-ups.

Preheating essential

Preheating is essential for both processes beforehand cooking. It helps to cook at a uniform temperature and evenly. Preheating time may differ; for gas grills and ovens, 10 mins of preheating time will suffice. Charcoal grills take substantial time to heat up.

You can use both devices interchangeably, suitable to your convenience.

How to Use a Broiler Like a Grill?

A broiler is an indoor device that helps to cook food for a limited count. You use a grill when you want to cook for a party. Here are a few tips to help you cook in a broiler to achieve the same results as the grilled ones.

How to Use a Broiler Like a Grill (simple guide)
How to Use a Broiler Like a Grill (simple guide)

Use small pieces of meat

Avoid using large pieces of meat. Small portions will cook quickly. Chicken tenderloins or flank steaks are ideal for cooking in a broiler. Moreover, these pieces will retain all the juices and flavor of the meat. If cooked for a longer time, you will also enjoy deeply caramelized food, similar to grilled food.

Rid excess fat

Get rid of excessive fat. It will help to lessen the smoke and flare-ups.

Use dry rubs

Avoid heavy marinating of your food. Oil-based marinades may cause drippings, and the food may catch fire. Use Rosemary sprigs, black pepper (freshly cracked), thyme stalks, oregano, etc., to pack food using flavorless oil to prepare a delicious dish. You will be amazed when you do this with limited preparation and less cooking time.

Add smoky seasoning

Add grill rub or liquid smoke to give your broiled food the impression of grilled one. It helps to allot a smoky taste to the food, despite not being grilled. Adding these items takes a couple of minutes and saves you from marinating the food for a lengthy time. 

Use a grill pan

Using a grilling pan with a broiler will get you those attractive grill marks, similar to grilled food. The pans have ridges on their sides, allowing the fats to drip away from the meat. It helps to enjoy fat-free crispy food without grease messing onto your plate.

Use nonstick spray or oil

Greasing the cooking surface helps the food to come off readily once cooked. Sprinkle a few drops of olive oil onto an aluminum foil sheet. Place your food on this foil. 

Preheat the pan

Preheating, as mentioned above, is essential for uniform cooking. It retains the juices and flavors.

Never pile up the pieces

Ensure you place a single layer of the food. It will help in cooking and browning the food uniformly. Keep a comfortable distance between the pieces to help them get an ideal exposure to the heat.

Monitor food closely

It’s essential to keep an eye on the food. It helps to act against smoke or flare-ups. Never leave the oven unattended till you finish the cooking.

How to Use a Broiler Like a Grill
How to Use a Broiler Like a Grill?

Meat thermometer

Using a meat thermometer helps you to know the status of the food that is cooking. Inserting the meat thermometer into the cooking food is what you need to do. And the internal temperature is displayed within a couple of seconds. It’s as simple as that. Moreover, it will also save you from overcooking food.

Keep the oven’s door open

A few ovens are equipped with a system to shut down once the temperature reaches 500 degrees F. You will need to avoid this door getting shut off automatically. Help to keep the door open to maintain the hot air flow. 


Do not keep the door open for gas ovens. Check the product manual to understand whether you can keep your oven’s door open before implementing it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main difference between grilling and broiling?

In grilling, you apply the heat from the bottom surface of the food. In broiling, it is applied from the top surface of the food. Grilling involves indirect heating while broiling direct.

What is healthier: broiling or grilling?

Broiling; as it has a pan with a rack to collect the melted fats from the food. Since the food you consume from broiling has fewer fats, it’s a healthier option than grilling.

What is the best option to cook steak, griller, or broiler?

Steak needs to sear at high temperature. Therefore, the grilled steak will taste better than broiled.


If you are wondering, which is better, either the griller or the broiler, there’s no definite answer to this. A few factors help us to choose either one of them. There may be a few who would like to opt for both cooking devices.

It depends on the quantity, location, and taste you require to cook. Broiling is best for indoor use to cook for limited persons. Grilling is something that enhances the enjoyment of outdoor activity. 

People loving the smoky taste will prefer grilled food. But there are ways to have the same flavor with a broiler too. A broiler is an indoor device, while you can use a griller indoors and outdoors also. 

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