How Do Smokeless Grills Work? Simple Explanation

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional grills, you can try smokeless grills. They produce less smoke, and cleaning them is easy. They run on electricity, allowing you to grill food indoors using its non-sticky grilling surface.

So, how do smokeless grills work?

A smokeless grill helps you to provide non-fatty and non-oily food, beneficial to your health. The mechanism in the smokeless grills directs the oil and fats to an underneath drip pan by its tilted grilling grate.  This system helps prevent zero or less smoke, making it easy to clean the grill later.

How do smokeless grills work explained in a easy way

How do Smokeless Grills Work?

Smokeless grills work in a small area, helping the transfer of heat through conduction can happen to cook your food adequately with no splatter. It comprises a grill plate, cooking area, electric fan or smoke remover, glass lid, heating elements, drip tray, and infrared technology. 

smokeless grill technology explained
How do Smokeless Grills Work Explained

All these work together, helping the grill to run smoothly.

Infrared Technology

The grills runs on infrared burner technology that helps smokeless cooking. It uses effective infrared burners. These burners are gradually catching up in the market and may soon be the preferential choice over the prevailing stoves using coal and wood. 

The grill eradicates typical fuel combustion by converting electricity into infrared thermal energy, which it uses in place of fuel, eliminating fuel combustion and resulting in less smoke. This mechanism helps burn cleanly and for a long time with low or no smoke with no gases emanating during the cooking.

Smoke Extractor Technology

The device features a hood to collect smoke to extra smoke while cooking. The turbo smoke extractor efficiently sucks up the smoke generated during the cooking process and removes the odor from the food. You need not worry about having too much smoke in the house or the smokey smell that remains indoors with smokeless grills.

In-built Drip Trays

A drip tray is a flat container underneath the grill or smoker to collect the drippings that allow easy cleaning. The drip tray is a metal made with a tiny opening at the center to contain water to release moisture preventing clouds of smoke when you barbecue.

Smokeless Grills (In-built Drip Trays)
In-built Drip Trays

The tray traps fats, grease, dripping liquids, and juices when you grill. It prevents dripping on the heat source, which causes smoke. Traditional grills don’t have this mechanism, thus giving out a lot of smoke. The drip tray helps to eliminate smoke during the entire cooking process.

Non-Stick Grill Surface with Glass Lid

The nonstick grill surface makes cleaning the appliance simple because nothing sticks to it. The coating on the grill surface allows you to cook food with less oil or different types of fats, resulting in less smoke.

Not every grill may have a glass lid, but those having it locks the food in hot air, preventing smoke from spreading indoors. The lid cover helps addition of flavors and a bit of smokiness to the food.

Benefits of Using Smokeless Grills

The benefits offered by a smokeless grill are endless. In addition to providing healthy food with no smoke during the cooking or grilling process, it is also easy to clean and move around due to its lighter weight.  

Advantages of Using Smokeless Grills
Benefits of Using Smokeless Grills

Quick and easy cooking with easy cleaning are some features that make the smokeless grill popular amongst cooking enthusiasts. Smokeless grills are most beneficial to people suffering from specific allergies or asthma.

Let’s dive further to know each benefit in detail.

Very Fast and Efficient

The smoking grill uses infrared heating technology that helps fast and efficient cooking. Within a minute, you can heat the grill pan. The grill comes with an aluminum tray, a good conductor of heat. The aluminum tray retains the heat for a longer time which helps you cook for a longer time to get your grill ready in no time.

Due to the high heat produced for a longer time, you can cook more food with less energy but quickly and efficiently than the traditional grills. That is why smokeless grills are praised as the most efficient appliance, as they prevent more smoke, giving a clean way to cook good food.

Distributes the Heat Evenly

The grills have electric grilling plates that evenly distribute the heat to cook food in less time. The electric plates help to cook the food uniformly to provide a tasty bite after cooking/grilling.

Environment Friendly

There is no risk of outgassing when you are using smokeless grills. No smoke or toxic fumes emanate when cooking with these grills. Since they don’t release anything into the atmosphere, we can say these are environmentally friendly.

Produces Better Quality Foods

You don’t need more oil or fats to cook your food. Using less oil or other fats in your food is a ticket to good health. In addition, the smokeless grill cooks or grills your food uniformly, giving you the best quality food.

Improves Working Capacity

Since you can cook or grill your food easily and quickly with no smoke, you ensure you remain fresh while working with smokeless grills.  The infrared technology generates heat quickly, and the aluminum tray helps retain the heat for a more prolonged period.

Easy to Clean and Saves Energy

The non-stick surface and simple design make cleaning easy without consuming much time and energy. Also, since it doesn’t use wood or charcoal to burn, there aren’t any remnants of ash or charcoal remains that demand tough cleaning.

In addition, due to the infrared technology and aluminum tray that retains heat for a longer time, you can cook more food with less energy consumption.

Budget Friendly

A smokeless grill saves your gas bill substantially over a while. You also don’t have to buy charcoal or other items for grilling, saving you lots of money in the longer run.

Benefits of Using Smokeless Grills

Easy to Move

Most smokeless grills come with handles on each side, thus making it feasible when the grill is hot.

How to Clean a Smokeless Grill?

Cleaning a smokeless grill is simple with the following steps.

  • After the food is ready to consume on your grill, switch off the appliance.
  • Remove the grill grate out along with the drip tray.
  • To remove the oil, wash the grill grate and drip tray surfaces with soap or detergent.
  • Wipe and dry them with a dry cloth..

You can also clean your grill in the dishwasher. Placing it on the top rack will make it easier to clean. Before cleaning, read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to avoid damaging or malfunctioning your grill.

It’s imperative to clean your grill twice a month to keep it running efficiently and enhance its longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use a smokeless grill indoors?

Yes, since it doesn’t create a lot of smoke and whatever smoke it generates is extracted with its unique mechanism, it is safe to use the smokeless grill indoors.

Are smokeless grills healthy?

Yes, since they use fewer oils and fats for cooking food, they provide you with quality food that is cooked uniformly. In addition, smoke doesn’t spread when you cook using smokeless grills, so there’s no risk of off-gassing, and a perfect option for individuals suffering from allergies and asthma.


A smokeless grill is one of the best appliances for cooking. It runs on infrared technology powered by electricity. Therefore it doesn’t need wood or charcoal to generate heat. Infrared technology is known to induce heat quickly and helps to cook food evenly.

The smokeless grills have a mechanism to extract smoke, thereby giving a smokeless experience while cooking. It helps anyone to use the grill indoors also. It also uses less oil and fats to cook food, providing healthy food. Due to the smokeless cooking process, it’s a perfect fit for individuals suffering from allergies or asthma.

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