How To Remove Rust From A Blackstone Griddle?

It is normal for a Blackstone griddle to rust and turn reddish brown while in use. Well, it’s very problematic as this reduces the griddle’s cooking capacity and raises the possibility of tarnishing the quality of the food. So, how to remove rust from a Blackstone griddle?

Rust is the reddish-brown oxide that results from the reaction of iron metal with oxygen and water. Despite being irreversible to some extent, it can be removed from the griddle by using baking soda and vinegar.

Well, restoring the old griddle by removing the rust is better than purchasing a new one. Blackstone doesn’t give up on its designs, and every griddle is worthwhile.

How to remove rust from a Blackstone griddle step by step guide
Removing Rust with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Now, as we’re convinced that even the most rusted-out flattops can be brought back to life, let’s not worry and discuss how to clean them off.

What is Rust? Is Rust normal on a Blackstone griddle?

In simple words, rust is a reddish-brown coating that appears on the surface of iron as it oxidizes. Also known as corrosion, it thins the iron and makes it unsuitable for its intended purpose.

Well, rusting can even ruin the aesthetic appeal of iron components and needs to be treated before it becomes irreversible.

Is Rust normal on a Blackstone griddle
Is Rust normal on a Blackstone griddle?

Although Blackstone griddles are made to resist wear and tear, rust is normal on them. Especially if kept in a humid region or not cleaned regularly.

How to Remove Rust from a Blackstone griddle?

The whole metal is not affected by rust as it forms only on the iron surfaces. Well, it’s good to go if we just pull off the top layer. There are several quick fixes to scrape off the rusty layers, and following them can help your Blackstone shine again!

How to Remove Rust from a Blackstone griddle tutorial
How to Remove Rust from a Blackstone griddle?

Heat The Griddle

The first thing that you should do is to heat the griddle at high flame. Doing so will not only open the pores of the cooking surface but will also loosen up the rust. Thus, making it easier for you to remove them.

Remove all the Loosen Rust By Metal scrapper

Once done with heating, turn off the heat and leave the girdle idle unless it cools. Following this, get hold of the griddle scrapper and scrape off as much as rust you can. Well, the use of water in this step is highly restricted as water is a major cause of rust.

Wash the Griddle

After scraping off the reddish-brown rusty layers, it’s time to wash the griddle. Make sure you aren’t using too much water to clean the griddle and bring its black colour back.

Wipe it With Paper Towel

Never leave your Blackstone griddle in wet condition for long hours. Therefore, wipe the griddle gently with a paper towel when washed properly.

Apply Oil

Take up any cooking oil that is suitable for your use. However, if you can arrange virgin olive oil or flax oil, it would be great. This is because combining these two oils works wonders and helps your griddle shine again.

Properly Scrub with grill brick

Scrubbing a griddle is never possible with the help of a soft scrub. Therefore, to clean the griddle, you’ll need a light-weighted rough stone. Also, ensure that the grill brick you use has a handle. Consider scrubbing the griddle slowly and gently with oil instead of using soap, as it helps to protect the metal surface as well.

Scrap the dirty sludge

To enhance the cleanliness of the griddle, drop another 3-4 drops of cooking oil and try to pull off the dirty sludge from its surface. Well, repeat this until the oil comes off clean, and all traces of rust are gone.

Wash and Wipe it with paper towels

Once you are done with everything, wash the griddle with limited water. After this, wipe it with paper towels immediately after the washing is over.

If you leave the griddle in wet condition, there is a high chance that it may start rusting again.

Repeat process 5 to 8 several times

Doing the whole process just once will not help you remove all the rust from the surface of your Blackstone griddle. This is because rusting is a chemical and irreversible process in most cases. Therefore, consider repeating the process at least 5 to 8 times unless you start noticing any change

Season it with oil To prevent further Rust

Now, your griddle is ready for the final coating. Drip 2-3 tablespoons of cooking oil to provide an extra protective layer against rusting.

The main of this last layer is to block all contacts between the griddle plate and the environment. Hence, doing this will assure total protection from rust.

Does Vinegar Remove Rust?

Yes, vinegar is often considered to be an excellent rust remover. Although there are hundreds of rust removers on the market, the acid in vinegar or any other citrus product can break the chemical bonds of rust from the metal.

Well, this is time-consuming and takes at least three days to show results. The mixture of vinegar and salt makes a subtle solution and takes time to break down the rust.

How do I Stop the Blackstone Griddle from Rusting in Future?

How do I Stop the Blackstone Griddle from Rusting in Future preventive measure
How do I Stop the Blackstone Griddle from Rusting in Future?

Consider seasoning your griddle top for quality grilling

Just like you seasoned your griddle on the first day, consider doing it again. Repeating the same in regular intervals will help the griddle last for years and serve you with quality grilling every time you use it.

Keep the top of your griddle covered

Get hold of a quality plastic cover for your griddle to cover it up. Therefore, covering the griddle is the only way to protect it from corrosion when not in use.

Clean your griddle regularly after every use

After using your griddle remove the debris from it and wipe it clean. However, to keep your Blackstone griddle safe in winter, use a cover to keep it safe from air and humidity and keep it in a cool, dry area. Cover it with a premium, waterproof Blackstone griddle cover to prevent corrosion.

How To Store Blackstone Griddles?

You must locate a suitable area where your griddle can rest while not in use. Your Blackstone griddle should be kept in a cool, dry location, preferably under cover, such as a garage or garden shed.

How To Store Blackstone Griddles complete guide
How To Store Blackstone Griddles?

This will protect your griddle from factors that can cause rust, such as moisture and rain. Also, ensure that the storage does not ever become damp, as it causes great harm to the texture of your Blackstone griddle.

Is it OK to Leave Blackstone Griddle Outside?

Yes, you can leave your griddle outside. Because there isn’t much room in the house, most people have no choice except to keep it outside. Well, it’s completely safe if you keep in mind the safety precautions to safeguard your griddle. Moreover, shielding it from the outside elements will give it an extended life.

Can I Use a Metal spatula on my Blackstone?

As the tops of the Blackstone griddle are constructed of cold-rolled steel, you may easily use a metal spatula on them. Moreover, no griddle or grill is complete without fundamental necessities like spatulas and scrapers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Which rust remover is best?

You can use hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid or sulphuric acid in rust removal. These acids are mineral-based and quite useful, especially when present in concentrated form.

However, if you are looking for a homemade remedy to clean your griddle, consider Applying heat and cooking oil to the rusted portions, followed by wiping the rust off with paper towels.

Can I cook on a rusty griddle? Is cooking on a rusty griddle harmful?

If you use your griddle occasionally, it is safe to cook on a rusty griddle, but using it regularly is not safe.


There are many advantages to maintaining a clean Blackstone flat-top grill. Along with making the grill more effective, it guarantees the cleanliness of the food. Therefore, follow the guide to keep your Blackstone griddle in its best health!

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