What Temperature To Cook Bacon On A Griddle?

Frying bacon is considered very interesting as it needs to be prepared to perfection. It’s quite easy to fry bacon if the steps are followed properly. Because if the meat is undercooked, it is simply inedible. On the contrary, if the meat is overcooked, it will taste like charcoal and is awful to eat.

Temperature plays a very important factor in cooking bacon on a griddle, and it should be preferably low and gradually should be increased. So, What Temperature To Cook Bacon On A Griddle? The meat is best cooked at low temperatures and a slow cooking method. So the range should be 300 to 350 degrees F. There are two types of griddles available in the market these days, electric griddles and non-electric/gas griddles.

What temperature to cook bacon on a griddle
What Temperature To Cook Bacon On A Griddle?

These are further classified as single-sided griddles and double-sided griddles. This article will detail the right way to fry bacon in a griddle to perfection and also help those concerned about their health. 

Do You Cook Bacon on Medium or High Heat? What Temperature To Cook Bacon On A Griddle?

When cooking bacon on a griddle, it is not required to preheat the griddle. Temperature is a very important while cooking bacon on a griddle to perfection. It is always advised to keep the temperature low and gradually increase it to medium heat.

What is the Best Temperature to Cook Bacon
What is the Best Temperature to Cook Bacon?

So it is not advised to directly put the bacon on high heat. The heat is gradually increased because this prevents the bacon from sticking to the griddle. Hence this results in the even cooking of the meat, as its best cooked when kept at a low temperature. 

Bacon is also made to perfection when prepared with a slow cooking method; however, this cooking time doesn’t go more than 30 minutes. The temperature range set in the griddle to fry bacon is from 300 to 350 degrees F, and 325 F is the best temperature at which the bacon is cooked perfectly. When the heat is at an even temperature, it lets the bacon render its fat slowly and cook to perfection. 

What Temp to Cook Bacon on a Blackstone Griddle?

The cooking process of bacon on a Blackstone griddle is slightly different from other griddles. Blackstone griddle is mainly used for outdoor cooking and has a large, flat cooking surface. They are quite famous for their versatility and convenience to use.

They are highly preferred by backyard chefs and usually allow even heat distribution, resulting in the fried bacon being crispy and crunchy. The griddle needs to be preheated to 375 F.

What Temp to Cook Bacon on a Blackstone Griddle
What Temp to Cook Bacon on a Blackstone Griddle?

Then, the bacon is placed on the griddle’s surface, and make sure they do not overlap. The temperature gradually increases to 400 F, and it takes 5 to 6 minutes on each side of the bacon strips to prepare perfectly. With the help of a spatula, the bacon strips are flipped and continued cooking on the other side until the desired crispiness is achieved.

With the help of a paper towel, the extra grease from the bacon is removed, and sprinkle it with your favorite seasoning before serving. 

What Temp to Cook Bacon on an Electric Griddle?

Electric griddles are extremely popular when it is used to cook fried bacon. Since they have a flat surface, it is very easy to flip over the bacon strips, and 4-5 bacon are prepared simultaneously. Electric griddles have a hole at the bottom where all the fat is drained on a tray. While using an electric griddle, preheating is not required.

What Temp to Cook Bacon on an Electric Griddle
What Temp to Cook Bacon on an Electric Griddle?

And it is always best to start the griddle when it is cold and when the bacon strips are added, it is slowly increased to 325 F. The heat is evenly distributed at this temperature on the electric griddle, and the bacon is cooked to perfection with all crispiness and crunchiness.

Moreover, the bacon strips are placed on a cold skillet, allowing the bacon’s fat to render slowly. With the gradual increase in temperature, the bacon strips are avoided from sticking on the skillet surface. Also, please make sure that the electric griddle is not overheated or else that will burn the bacon strips.

How to know when Fried Bacon is done?

There is an enticing aroma of bacon when it is cooked. It is very important to cook these cured strips of pork belly to perfection, or else they are completely inedible. Bacon is identified to be completely fried. Only the color of the meat changes from pink to brown and the fat on the bacon strips are rendered out.

Some prefer to remove the bacon strips when they are slightly chewy. However, most people prefer their fried bacon to be nice and crispy with all the crunchiness and juiciness. 

Tips To Consider While Cooking Bacon on a Blackstone Griddle

A Blackstone griddle must be oiled properly for the bacon to fry perfectly. Before you start cooking the bacon on the Blackstone griddle, make sure to preheat the griddle to 375 degrees F, unlike electric griddles that don’t require reheating. Only then place the bacon strips on the surface of the skillet. The temperature then needs to be gradually increased to 400 degrees F.

Another important tip that needs to be followed while using the Blackstone griddle is that it should be seasoned perfectly before and after cooking the bacon every time. To expand the lifespan of the griddle, grill maintenance should be done properly. The Blackstone griddle should be kept with utmost care and usage to add great value to any outdoor cooking setup.

For the bacon to be cooked perfectly, ensure they are at room temperature before putting them on the Blackstone griddle. The bacon strips should be flipped for even cooking after 5-6 minutes.

Tips for Cooking Bacon on an Electric Griddle

Certain tips need to be followed while cooking bacon on an electric griddle. It is not required to preheat the electric griddle before cooking bacon. The skillet surface of the griddle should be cold when started, and slowly the temperature would rise to 325 degrees F. It should be cold to prevent the bacon strips from sticking on the skillet, allowing the fat to render slowly.

Tips for Cooking Bacon on an Electric Griddle
Tips for Cooking Bacon on an Electric Griddle

Also, ensure that the griddle is not overheated, or it will burn the bacon strips instead of being crispy. The bacon strips must be at room temperature before cooking them on the electric griddle; remove them at least 15 minutes before cooking. Another important tip is that if you are cooking a second batch, drain the excess fat and reduce the temperature to low. Then wait a few minutes and add the second batch of bacon. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have to have a Blackstone Bacon Press?

Using a Blackstone Bacon Press while cooking bacon to perfection is not mandatory. The bacon press only improves the cooking process and results in a good taste because it lets the bacon cook evenly. However, without the bacon press, the bacon can be cooked using a heavyweight flat skillet.

What temperature do you cook bacon and eggs on a griddle?

Bacon and eggs are a match made in heaven, and while cooking them on a griddle, the temperature needs to be kept at low 300 degrees F and slowly increased to the ideal temperature of 325 degrees F.

What temperature do you cook bacon on a skillet?

It is important to keep the temperature low to cook bacon on a skillet. The skillet must be preheated to 375 degrees F, and only then should the bacon strips be added to the skillet. This would ensure that the bacon is perfectly crispy every time.


I hope now you have a clear idea about what temperature to cook bacon on a griddle? Cooking bacon on a griddle has achieved immense popularity these days. Proper temperature should be maintained while cooking bacon on a griddle. However, the process is slightly different when you use Blackstone Griddle to cook bacon.

The bacon should be brought to room temperature before putting them onto the griddle. So follow the steps discussed above and enjoy perfectly cooked crispy bacon with all its crunchiness. 

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