Are Grill Mats Safe? (Not All Of Them Are Safe)

An outdoor cooking season can become easier if you use a grill mat; it will help you to prepare any of your favorite dishes without any hurdles. A grill mat reduces cleanup time a lot. So, if you need to grill up a few burgers or if you need to scramble eggs to stir-fry, then you can easily do that. But are grill mats safe?

But, many people are doubtful about whether it is safe to use a grill mat or not. They state that grill mats secrete toxic fumes. But it’s not that simple, grill mats are safe given you are maintaining the right temperature while using it.

In this article, we will discuss all the aspects of this topic and try to find the truth.

Are grill mats safe? All you need to know

Are Grill Mats Safe?

In short, we can say grill mats are safe to use until they reach the maximum temperature they can withstand; otherwise, they will emit dangerous fumes. Generally, we can use a grill mat until the woven reaches 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

First is the coating of PTFE. This is a non-toxic synthetic polymer, which the FDA approves. This component is used in most of the Teflon and non-stick cooking items. It makes the surface smooth, and the foods slip off easily.

PFOA is the component about which people are most concerned. This component is used in the making process of grill mats, and 95% of this compound burns away during the manufacturing process. Even now, you can find some grill mats with labels like’ PFOA-free’. 

It is very dangerous to use a damaged grill mat, especially if the non-stick layer of the mat gets damaged. It will allow the harmful chemicals to mix with the food. So don’t harshly scrub the mat, and avoid using metal utensils. And proper inspection of the mat is a must before every use.

Safest Grill Mats

Grill mats have many benefits. They are easy to use, they are durable, and they are very convenient. But not all grill mats are made of the same components. Five types of materials are used to make grill mats: Fiberglass, Silicone, Copper, PTFE, and PFOA. Each of them has unique properties.  


Fiberglass is the most common material that is used in grill mats. These grill mats are very light and flexible, and at the same time, they are very durable. These mats are easily cleanable, and you can easily store them in a little space.

To understand the reliability of this compound, we need to know how it is made. To make fiberglass, glass is heated until it becomes liquid, passing through fine holes. Thus it forms strands of glass.

Fiberglass grill mats

Now, some other materials (mostly resin) are mixed with it. This component becomes strong and heat resistant. Upon this compound, a coating of a non-sticky material is made. 

Fiberglass-made grill mats are very safe. But when you observe that your mat gets damaged or starts to break down, you need to replace it with a new one immediately. Or it can be very unsafe to use.


Silicone grill mats

Silicone is the second most popular material for grill mats. Many people think silicone and rubber are similar kinds. But there are a lot of differences. Silicon is moisture-resistant, and it is stretchy.

It is a synthetic component. But in cooking items, the food-grade version of silicon is used. This silicon is also used to keep cooking items scratch-free to some extent.

Silicon has extreme power to hold up temperatures. For this reason, it is very widely used in cooking items. This is a completely non-toxic material. No latex, lead, or BPA is present in it.


Many people are confused between grill mats and rolled sheets of copper. These two are not the same, but both look like foil. Copper-made grill mats are flexible and have a non-stick coating on them.

These are thinner and more durable than the other grill mats. And copper is a good conductor, so it can transmit heat eventually and helps the oven to heat up quickly.

Copper grill mats

But these mats are very stiff. Rolled copper grill mats are prone to cracking and splitting. As these mats are not harmful to our health, you can use copper-made mats without hesitation.


PTFE grill mats

This abbreviation stands for polytetrafluoroethylene. This non-sticky coating is used in almost all grill mats. Teflon is the most common PTFE. This is present in all of the non-stick cooking pans in your kitchen.

The grill mat manufacturers warn you not to use these mats at very high temperatures. This is because, above 570 °F, PTFE starts to break down. Ingested PTFE is not harmful to humans.

But many people are concerned about the fumes it emits at high temperatures. But why reach such a high temperature when the experts always warned us not to cook with olive oils and vegetables at high temperatures?


This acronym stands for perfluorooctanoic acid. This is a synthetic compound, and it is dangerous to our health. Before 2013, PFOA was an integral compound used to manufacture PTFE.

As it is harmful, it is not used now. Even these days, you can find most of the grill mats are labeled “PFOA-free”. But if it is not labeled, you can purchase the mat without any hesitation because now this component is not used in the making process of grill mats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to grill on copper mats?

It is safe to grill on copper mats until it is in intact condition. But if it is split when this could be dangerous.

Are grill mats carcinogenic?

PTFE is the main synthetic compound used in the grill mats of this time. And this compound is FDA-approved. It is non-toxic to our health if the temperature is below 500 degrees Fahrenheit. But if this temperature limit gets crossed, it emits toxic fumes. This is very dangerous to our health and may lead to cancer.

Is it safe to use a BBQ grill mat?

The main issue with the BBQ is the food got stuck with the surface. To solve this issue, grill mats are the most effective way. It also helps you with cleaning. And these mats are not harmful to our health until the temperature reaches about 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are Kona grill mats PFOA free?

Most of the Kona grill mats are made of PTFE. This is a certified non-toxic synthetic compound. These grill mats are totally PFOA free. In fact, after 2013, you can hardly find any grill mat on which PFOA is used. 

Are Yoshi grill mats safe?

The main ingredient of Yoshi grill mats is copper, with a PTFE coating on them. As we know, this synthetic compound is not harmful to our health (unless the temperature reaches 500 degrees Fahrenheit).

Are grilling mats any good?

A grilling mat is very useful to you if you are too annoyed with the cleaning process of the oven. It makes the cleaning process easy. On the other hand, it resists the food from sticking to the oven’s surface. So, after cooking, you can take the food out easily. And if you need to grill many items simultaneously, then a mat can make your cooking process easier.


Grill mats are one of the most modern conveniences. It makes your cooking and cleaning process easier; it helps to save a lot of time. As long as you follow proper guidelines, grill mats are very safe.

Always check the grill mat properly before starting cooking. If you find any type of damage to the mat, immediately change it with a new one; damaged grill mats are very dangerous to our health. 

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