Best Grill and Griddle Combo 2023: Upgrade Your BBQ Game!

Imagine being able to seamlessly transition between grilling a juicy steak and cooking up some delicious eggs without missing a beat. Well, it’s not a dream – welcome to the reality of the gas grill and griddle combo, a game-changing utility in outdoor cooking.

The purpose of this article is not simply to sing praises of this fantastic contraption, but to share my personal journey, experiences, and insights I had while using the best grill and griddle combo. Over the years, grilling has evolved from being a mere summertime tradition to become an integral part of my life and culinary ventures. Outdoor grilling is my playground – a place where flavor meets fire and passion meets smoke.

best grill and griddle combo: A Complete List

Best grill and griddle combo: My Top 3 Choice

  • Propane gas grill and griddle combo: The Royal Gourmet GD401 has its share of cons, which I talked about in details below, but for me, its positives largely overshadow its flaws. It’s a workhorse of a grill that caters to a wide variety of cooking needs. Whether you want to grill burgers or sear steaks, you can rely on this grill and griddle combo to deliver a memorable outdoor cooking experience.
  • Blackstone charcoal grill and griddle combo: I have spent a whole year with the blackstone 1819 griddle and charcoal combo, what sets it apart lies in its dual nature. It combines a traditional charcoal grill — perfect to get that smokey aroma into your meats, and an expansive griddle – a sidekick for sautéing vegetables, toasting buns or making side dishes. 
  • Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill (Pocket Friendly): The first attribute worth noting is its 3-in-1 functionality: a grill, griddle, and dual griddle/grill. This trait has generously expanded my culinary horizons; whether I fancy a juicy steak or crave pancakes, this appliance caters to it all. Cleaning is relatively simple, but here’s a watch-out – the numbers on the knobs could fade faster if exposed excessively to cleaning solutions or water. So wipe cautiously!

Best Grill and Griddle Combo: Detailed Review

Before purchasing a Grill and Griddle combo, consider space and size (large outdoor ones or compact indoor options), and whether it offers both cooking techniques (grilling and griddling) simultaneously. Review its construction and material quality for durability, heat distribution for even cooking, and ease of cleaning.

Does it have user-friendly features like adjustable temperature control, grease management system, or side tables for convenience? Also, consider portability if you plan on taking it on trips. And lastly, always compare prices to ensure you are getting the best value for your investment. 

The Royal Gourmet GD401

Having used the Royal Gourmet GD401 Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo for quite some time now, I can confidently provide an all-round perspective on this product.

Firstly, let’s talk about its versatile functionality — this is no ordinary grill. It comes equipped with 4-Burners which you can use as a grill or a flat top griddle, or both. This provides ample space to cook a wide range of foods concurrently — an option rarely found in standard grills.

The grill’s overall design is fairly sturdy with a black powder coating. Its folding legs and wheels add to its portability, making it perfect for outings or camping. Additionally, it includes a bonus side table for extra prep space which can be quite handy.

On the downside, I’ve noticed that the flame control knobs feel a bit cheap and flimsy. They do work, but the quality could have been better. Also, cleaning this grill can be somewhat challenging. The griddle top is easy to wipe down, but the grill side requires meticulous cleaning to prevent the build-up of residue.

Finally, the instruction manual that comes with it could use some improvement. If you’re a first-time grill owner, assembling and starting the grill could be a little daunting.


Versatility: Grill, griddle, smoker—it can do it all.
Portability: With foldable legs and manageable weight, perfect for outdoor ventures.
Side Table: An added convenience for the on-the-go cook.


Temperature Control: Requires some getting used to for precision.
Transition: Switching between griddle and grill could be smoother.


The GD401 from the Royal Gourmet line stands strong in the face of its competition. Its minor flaws are easily outweighed by the wide variety of culinary possibilities it allows. For anyone seeking a reliable smoker grill combo, this option deserves serious consideration. Versatility is this grill’s USP. Whether you’re craving a classic grilled steak, a batch of smoked barbecue, or a sunny-side-up breakfast, this grill handles it all. The side table is a bonus, providing extra prep space when needed.

Blackstone 1819 griddle and charcoal combo

Experience outdoor cooking on a whole new level with the Blackstone 1819 Griddle and Charcoal Combo. Its charcoal-powered feature truly sets it apart, infusing a distinctive smokey flavor, much relished in barbecued delights.

The adjustable charcoal grill grate allows personalized heat control. Manipulate coal proximity according to your cooking needs, which is particularly useful when dealing with a variety of meat types and cuts.

On the flip side, there’s the griddle, ready for those mornings when a breakfast feast is in order. Think fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, and sunny-side-ups – all conveniently prepared on one surface.

However, this combo model isn’t without a few hitches. Despite the convenience of having both griddle and grill options, switching between the two isn’t as seamless. The lack of wheels also limits mobility, making it a challenging fit for outings away from home.


Charcoal Grill: Infuses a traditional smoky flavor in barbecue meals.
Adjustable Grill Grate: Facilitates personalized heat control.
Griddle option: Perfect for an extensive breakfast preparation.


Switching hitch: Changing from grill to griddle isn’t completely seamless.
Limited mobility: Its stationary construction restricts movement.


In conclusion, the Blackstone 1819 Grill and Griddle Combo shines with its authentic charcoal grill and versatile griddle feature. However, bear in mind that its stationary nature and mild switching hitch need attention before settling on the investment. Ideal for stay-at-home barbecuing, it makes feasting outdoors an exciting culinary journey.

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill

The Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle has become a well-loved inclusion in my kitchen, owing to its versatile cooking options, compact size, and pocket-friendly nature.

Let’s focus on the portability and affordability of this appliance. Designed to be compact and lightweight, this 3-in-1 model is a perfect fit for small kitchens, apartments, or even those on-the-move. Easily store it away or effortlessly transport it to a friend’s gathering for a cozy indoor cookout.

By combining the versatility of a grill and griddle into one appliance, Hamilton Beach offers an affordable solution for those looking to invest in their overall culinary experience. Pocket-friendly in terms of its price, this electric indoor grill and griddle provide value for money.

A highlight is the easy-clean feature – the griddle and grill are detachable and dishwasher-safe, making post-cooking cleanup a breeze. This removes the dread of having to scrub off sticky food residue after a fulfilling meal.

One downside to this appliance is that both sides need to be on once the griddle is plugged in. You can control the temperature independently on both sides, but if you’re only using one side, the other would still be on at its minimum heat setting.


Double cooking zones: Provides the versatility of a grill and griddle in one appliance.
Easy-to-clean: Reversible non-stick plates are dishwasher-safe.
Adjustable Temperature: Personalized heat control for diverse cooking requirements.


Both sides heat up once plugged in: No option for unilateral use.
Fading number indicators: Affects long-term usability.


In conclusion, the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle, despite its minor flaws, is an excellent addition to any home kitchen. With its multi-functional usage and easy-to-clean properties, it brings an element of convenience most sought after in indoor grills and griddles. If you’re a food lover seeking to diversify your culinary game, this might be the appliance for you.

Creole Feast GD4002T

The Creole Feast GD4002T Tailgater Grill & Griddle is not just another cooking appliance; it’s a distinguished part of the trusted and professional grill brand, Royal Gourmet. Known for their drive and passion to innovate, the company goes the extra mile to provide a product range that caters to varying lifestyles and budgets.

This 4-Burner Portable Propane Gas Grill & Griddle Combo scores high in versatility. It acts as a grill and griddle in one compact package, making it desirable for those outdoor get-togethers around food and fire.

The combo removes the need to carry separate equipment for grilling and griddling when you’re tailgating or camping, simplifying your outdoor culinary adventure. The portable propane gas feature of the GD4002T enhances the tailgater’s ease of use. It eliminates the need to fiddle with charcoal, thereby reducing setup time. If time-efficient, hassle-free cooking, and cleanup is your aim, this grill and griddle combo is a top choice.


Versatility: Acts as a grill and griddle, catering to a variety of cooking preferences.
Portable: Tailgater-friendly design makes transport easy.
Propane Gas Fuel: Ensures quick setup and cleanup.


Flawed Drip Tray Design: Unstable positioning, falls out, creates cleanup issues.
Assembly Complexity: Difficult and frustrating assembly process.


However, as the product description lacks specific features or potential cons, I couldn’t provide a comprehensive review. For those considering making a purchase, it’s recommended to reach out to the manufacturer or distributor for more product-specific details.
In conclusion, the Creole Feast GD4002T certainly rings as a promising investment for those looking forward to efficient and versatile outdoor cooking experiences.

A Comprehensive Best Grill and Griddle Combo Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing a grill and griddle combo, there a load of factors to consider. This guide will take you through those considerations step-by-step, to help you make an informed decision.

A Comprehensive Grill and Griddle Combo Buying Guide
A Comprehensive Grill and Griddle Combo Buying Guide

Type of Fuel

Choose a fuel type that fits your budget and convenience:

  • Propane: Propane-fueled grills and griddles heat up quickly and offer controlled, even cooking. They’re ideal if you need mobility—camping, tailgating, etc. However, keep the recurring cost of propane tanks in mind.
  • Natural Gas: Natural gas grills and griddles run off your home’s gas supply, ideal for setups in patios or backyards. Consider them if you grill often, as they’re more cost-effective over time.
  • Electric: Electric grill and griddle combos require no extra fuel source, making them indoor-friendly. However, they may not reach the high heat levels of gas-powered alternatives.

Cooking Surface Area

Consider the total cooking surface area based on your needs:

  • Small/Personal Use: A grill and griddle combo around 200-300 square inches should suffice for individual or small family cooking.
  • Large Gatherings/Parties: Units with 600+ square inches will better accommodate cooking for large groups.

Build & Material Quality

Inspect build quality to ensure the longevity of your investment:

  • Material: Opt for stainless steel for durability and high heat retention. Cast iron is excellent for heat distribution, but requires more maintenance to prevent rusting.
  • Thickness: Thicker, heavier grills and griddles typically last longer and provide better heat retention.

Temperature Controls

Choose a unit with adjustable temperature controls:

  • Independent Controls: Some units have separate controls for the grill and griddle, letting you cook different items at different temperatures simultaneously.
  • Trackers/readers: Built-in temperature readers or trackers aid in accurate cooking.


If you plan on moving your grill and griddle combo, consider its portability:

  • Weight: Lighter models are more portable, but potentially less durable.
  • Design Features: Consider models with lockable wheels or transport handles if you intend to tailgate or camp with your combo.

Ease of Clean

Look out for features making your after-cook cleanup easier:

  • Removable Grill & Griddle: Units with removable plates facilitate easy cleaning.
  • Grease Management: A good grease management system—like a well-designed drip tray—will help prevent messy spills and splatter.
Grill and Griddle Combo Buying Guide

Extra Features

Extra features enhance functionality and convenience:

  • Bonus Attachments: Some combos come with bonus attachments like fryer baskets or pizza stones.
  • Storage Space: Built-in storage (like a cabinet or side shelves) can be handy for keeping utensils and ingredients close.

Budget and Pricing

This will depend on what you’re willing to spend. Keep in mind:

  • Initial Price vs. Long-Term Use: Decide whether you’re ready to invest in a more expensive, durable combo or if you’d prefer a cheaper, yet potentially less long-lasting model.
  • Operating Costs: Consider recurring costs like propane refills or electric bills

With these factors in mind, you can make an informed decision on which grill and griddle combo fits your specific needs. Happy grilling!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it better to cook on a grill or griddle?

Both the grill and griddle offer unique advantages and the choice largely depends on what you’re cooking. Grills excel at cooking meats, especially those benefiting from the distinctive charred flavors and grill-marks, like steaks or chicken.
Griddles, with their flat surface, are versatile for a wider range of food—pancakes, eggs, bacon, and more—that would slip through a grill’s grates. Overall, both provide unique cooking experiences and it would be beneficial to have access to both.

Is a griddle healthier than a grill?

The grilling versus griddling health debate rests upon factors like cooking techniques and food type. Grilling allows excess fat to drip away, potentially making your dish lower in fat and calories. However, the high heat from grills consequently char foods, which could be associated with harmful carcinogens.
Griddles, conversely, cook food in its own juices, helping retain flavor and moisture—important for lean meats. Griddling doesn’t produce the charring associated with grilling. Therefore, both can be healthy cooking methods, if used properly.

Are steaks better on a griddle?

Typically, grilling is the popular choice for steaks due to the intense, direct heat producing a desirable sear and flavorsome grill marks. However, griddles shouldn’t be overlooked. Griddles provide more surface contact with the steak, offering an evenly cooked, juicy result.
They’re also great at sautéing onions or mushrooms simultaneously as a topping for your steak. While the charcoal flavor will be missing, a griddle can successfully cook a steak with a different flavor profile that is equally appealing.

Is a griddle hotter than a grill?

Grill and griddle cooking temperatures can largely vary depending on the fuel source and build of the unit. However, grills usually attain higher temperatures as they’re designed for direct, intense heat—ideal for searing meats.
Griddles provide consistent heat over the cooking surface for even cooking, maintaining a steady, moderate heat. In short, grills generally get hotter but griddles offer consistent and even heat distribution, making each ideal for different types of cooking.

Which is better, an electric or propane griddle?

Deciding between an electric and propane griddle depends on your specific needs and preferences. Propane griddles heat faster and reach higher temperatures, making them suitable for outdoor cooking sessions. However, they require propane tank refills.
Electric griddles, on the other hand, prove extremely handy indoors due to ease of use and elimination of any exterior fuel source. They might not get as hot as propane griddles, but they’re perfect for controlled, even cooking. Consider your cooking style, preferred cooking location and convenience when choosing.

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The best grill and griddle combo depends on an assortment of factors, from the type of fuel, cooking surface area, build quality, portability, to ease of cleaning and budget. Evaluating the unique features of each model in conjunction with individual preferences helps determine the perfect fit. A high-quality combo provides a versatile outdoor cooking experience, comfortably handling various dishes and cooking techniques. Ultimately, the right grill and griddle combo opens a world of culinary opportunities for your backyard barbecues, tailgating events, or camping adventures.

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