How to Store Grilling Tools in 10 Easy Ways

An old saying goes this way: “If you want to make the best use of your grill, you should know how to use your tools properly”.

To avoid situations where the meat fork goes missing, or your marinade messes up, it’s important to learn how to store grilling tools properly in an organized manner.

How to Store Grilling Tools
How to Store Grilling Tools?

Moreover, keeping them secured in a cool and dry place will certainly save your tools free from rust. In this article, we will discuss how to store grilling tools and the methods you should consider.

How to Store Grilling Tools? (Different Ways Explained)

Whether a newbie or a barbecue master, staying organized for outdoor grilling is essential. Therefore, to enjoy your barbecue sessions with minimal fuss, follow the given methods to know how to store grilling tools in the right manner and give yourself a sorted cookout station.

How to store grilling tools?
How to Store Grilling Tools?

Buy a Grill cart

If you prefer to grill on your deck or balconies, then a grill cart is a great option. It provides additional counter and storage space for the grilling tools.
Moreover, a grill cart will help you save time and energy as you don’t have to go back and forth to the kitchen to bring the ingredients.

Place your grill in a safe spot

The positioning of the grill in your backyard is also an important point to consider. You cannot place it near the house as it emits much smoke and energy. Besides, your grill should also be placed away from fire-hazardous materials.

To make the perfect use of your grill, it’s very important to give it enough space for airflow without hampering the neighbor’s things.

Invest in a sunken grill tool bucket

A sunken grill tool bucket is a long-handled piece of equipment that helps you to organize your grilling tools perfectly. Before buying this, it’s very important to check the diameter of the bucket. Doing this gives you an idea if it is ideal for your tools.

Buy a File Holder

Grill equipment like chopping board, aluminum foil and spoons should be kept in an upright position. Hence, buying a file holder for them would be a great idea. This holder will also keep your barbecue tools organized like a file cabinet.

Install Rake Hooks

If you are not utilizing that older rake lain anymore, here’s a tip. Isolate its grip and use the steel tines to hang your grilling equipment on it. Moreover, you can also use the hole on the rake head for mounting. Well, installing a raking hook will give your outdoor grilling area a rustic ambience.

Get a grill caddy for the storage of BBQ tools

Transform your old toolbox into a transportable grill tool storage container. Doing this will save your tools from losing and prevent them from falling away. Therefore, toolboxes often jumble up but using a grill caddy will not cause such problems.

Keep a Small Table Aside

It’s good to keep a small indoor table beside your barbecue to place your gear aside. Although grills have an in-built cutting board, they are not large enough to store your meals and tools. Moreover, charcoal grills don’t even have the facility of a constructed worktop.

Opt for a Magnetic Tool Holder

A magnetic tool holder is similar to a panel but consists of in-built hooks instead of screws. It is very flexible, and the magnets present helps it to connect to the surface. With a magnetized workpiece, you get a lot of possibilities. You can connect it to the wall or keep it outside the cabinet.

Set the Grill Tools Separately

It’s better to keep a separate set of grill tools as the typical cooking implements are ineffective for barbeque. This is because they don’t have long handles to save your hands from the grill’s extreme heat. Moreover, indoor cooking items are also not designed to survive the outdoor extremes or barbecue heat.

How to store grilling tools?
How to Store Grilling Tools?

Install a barbecue grill light

If you are planning a night barbecue party, attaching a grill light to your barbecue would be great. This will keep the visitors and grillers safe by displaying the position of the heat source while grilling. Well, any light can be installed and directed towards the grilling station.

How do I organize my grill?

The key to organized grilling lies in the preparation work, which you should try to finish before firing up the grill. Therefore, start chopping the fruits and vegetables, marinating and making sauce. Besides, also prepare the toppings beforehand.

Store your grilling tools in a separate setup to kick-start your grilling journey without hassle. Try allocating a specific spot to these tools apart from storing them separately. Doing this will divide them from the normal cooking tools and save you from the struggles of searching.

Grilling Tools Organizer
Grilling Tools Organizer

To transport the grilling tools in an organized manner from your kitchen to the barbecue station, it is advised to keep a tray. Further, separate the raw food items from the ones that are ready and try your best not to spill sauce.

Lastly, keeping a small table near the grill to rest your gear aside contributes a lot to organizing the grill.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I put in my grill cabinets?

You can stuff your grill cabinets with grilling tools, dinnerware, serving ware, cushions and tablecloths. Moreover, grill cabinets also have space for perishable items like water and canned beverages.
Store these items on the lower shelves to weigh the cabinet down.

Where do you store BBQ brushes?

You should always store the grilling brushes in a cool and dry place. Once you are done grilling, you should never leave them outside, just like most people do.
Moreover, it is usually recommended to store them inside, along with other grilling tools.

Can you store charcoal outside?

No, you cannot store charcoal outside. This is because the moisture in the air will ruin the texture of the charcoal.
If it’s necessary to store charcoal outside, opt for outdoor sheds. Store the charcoal in well-sealed containers and keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Is it safe to store charcoal in the garage?

Yes, if your garage is dry and out of direct sunlight, then it’s safe to store charcoal in the garage. Moreover, storing them in well-sealed containers under outdoor sheds also works fine.


As summer approaches, we start dusting off our grilling tools and preparing ourselves for some outdoor cooking. But to get the best barbecue experience, you need to know how to store grilling tools in order to organize your grill.

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