Can you use parchment paper on the grill? All You Need To Know

With the summer around the corner, people are gearing up to set up their bbq station in the yard. It’s time to grill! However, the after-cleaning following grilling is nerve-wracking. One solution comes to the mind is to use parchment paper.

But is it safe? can you use parchment paper on the grill to solve the issue? In this article, we will answer this question and look at how to use parchment while grilling, its benefits, alternatives, and a lot more. 

Can you use parchment paper on the grill

Can You Use Parchment Paper On the Grill? 

The short answer is no. Though, in theory, putting a piece of parchment paper in the grill sounds feasible, it is not. The silicon coating on the parchment paper can tolerate high temperatures, about 450 degrees F and roughly 230 degrees C.

However, when grilling, the temperatures are higher than in most grills. Using parchment paper in an oven is fine, as temperatures don’t go as high, but in grilling, the temperatures sometimes exceed 450 degrees F, and thus parchment paper must be avoided. 

How to Properly Use Parchment Paper on a Grill?

Even though it’s not recommended, it’s possible to use parchment paper while grilling. However, certain safety tips must be considered. Firstly, don’t simply clasp the parchment paper on the rack and start grilling. If you use the paper closer to the grill flame, include a pan or use the paper along with some aluminum foil. This will prevent fire. 

How to Properly Use Parchment Paper on a Grill
How to Properly Use Parchment Paper on a Grill?

You can also use parchment paper in a gas grill by putting it on the upper rack away from the flame. You can also use only one section of the grill using parchment paper. You can then use the other half to steam veggies or make poached fish. 

Parchment paper can also be used on a charcoal grill as long as you move the burning coals to the other side of the grill than the parchment paper. 

Cooking with Parchment Paper on a Grill

If you are following safety protocols and keeping the parchment paper away from the grill fire, you can use it to make some mouth-watering delicacies. Some top options include fish, chicken, fruits, and veggies. 

People have cooked multiple types of fish using parchment paper, including but not limited to Sod, Halibut, Salmon, and more. Simply drizzle some oil on the fish, add seasoning, and throw in your favorite veggies, and you are set! 

If you use boneless chicken, breast pieces, or small chicken bits, you can tenderly cook it all on parchment paper. Cooking veggies on parchment paper seals the moisture and nutrients of all the veggies, while fruits can be prepared for jams and butter. 

Cooking with Parchment Paper on a Grill
Cooking with Parchment Paper on a Grill

Parchment paper is used for grilling for the many benefits it has. For starters, parchment paper doesn’t allow the food to stick to the grill pans and sticks during the cooking process. This makes cleaning much easier later on. Additionally, the paper is reusable up to 8 times and is more heat-resistant than most other cooking papers in the market. 

Parchment paper also keeps the meat from drying during the grilling process. The paper also accelerates the grilling process and prevents the absorption of days and grease. However, parchment paper curls up when exposed to too much heat. The heat resistance of parchment paper is also not ideal to be used in a grill. 

But if you still want to use it, ensure your grill temperature is not over 350 degrees F, or try a low-slow grilling method. 

What Can I Use Instead of Aluminum Foil on a Grill? 

A good alternative to aluminum foil and parchment paper is grilling paper. Such paper is designed for use in high-heat temperatures, especially in grilling. 

Grilling paper is finer and pliable than aluminum foil or parchment paper, making it easy to use. Besides, the paper can be reused several times in the grill without any wear or tear. But it is more expensive than aluminum foil and parchment paper. 

What Can I Use Instead of Aluminum Foil on a Grill
What Can I Use Instead of Aluminum Foil on a Grill?

Another alternative is a cedar wrap. As the name suggests, these wraps are made from cedar wood and are a creative way to grill. Since these are made from wood, they add a beautiful smoky fragrance to the food. 

Beeswax wraps have become quite popular recently and can be reused. Using them is simple- wrap them on the food and wash them with plain water and reside again. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does parchment paper let smoke in?

Unfortunately, yes. Parchment paper is not ideal for keeping smoke out while tapping heat. If you are looking for such an option, aluminum foil can be a good alternative.

When should you not use parchment paper?

Ideally, parchment paper should be avoided while cooking in high temperatures, for instance, grilling. It’s also not ideal for certain types of food like candies. Candies often stick to the paper.

How flammable is parchment paper?

Parchment paper is heat resistant and does not catch fire as long as the temperature is below 450 degrees F. Thus, it’s best to use it for cooking below that temperature to prevent accidents.

Is parchment paper healthier than aluminum foil?

Yes. According to the International Journal of Electrochemical Science, when cooked on parchment paper, veggies and meat are healthy, especially while roasting. This is because some aluminum leaches into the food while using aluminum foil. The leaching increases with high heat temperature.

Is parchment paper toxic when burned?

While parchment paper is not toxic when it burns, the fumes rising from it are. The silicon layer that provides non-stick properties to parchment paper is inflammable. Thus open flame must be avoided while using parchment paper. 

Using parchment paper on a grill should not be an issue as long as you follow the safety instructions mentioned in this article. Place the paper properly and away from the fire. Get grilling today. 

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