How Long Does Charcoal Stay Hot? (All You Need To Know) 

As barbecue lovers, it’s natural to be intrigued by charcoal grilling and wonder about all the details that go into the process—how much fuel to add, how long to leave it in the grill, and so on. 

How long does charcoal stay hot

Today, we’ll look at one of the most important questions about grilling with charcoal: how long does charcoal stay hot after you put it on your grill? As it turns out, this question depends on what charcoal you use, what type of grill you have, and even other factors like the weather outside.

How Long does Charcoal Stay Hot?

The hotter your coals are, the better! But how long will they stay at their peak temperature? It depends on how big they are and what material they’re made from. Generally charcoal stays hot around 3-5 hours.

Smaller pieces of charcoal will retain heat longer than larger pieces because there’s less surface area for the heat to escape through. And harder materials like carbon steel retain heat better than softer materials like brass because there’s less room for the heat energy to leak out through them; think about an ice cube versus a piece of snow—which one melts faster when placed next to a cup of hot tea?

If you want your charcoal to last longer on the grill, buy smaller pieces made from harder materials like steel or iron instead of bigger pieces made from softer materials like aluminum or brass! And remember that these tips only apply if you’re cooking over direct heat; if you use indirect heat then all these rules go out the window because it doesn’t matter how big or small your pieces are or what material they’re made from—all that matters is how far away they are from your food!

How do You Keep Charcoal Burning for Hours? 

You just bought your brand-new bag of charcoal, and now you’re wondering how to make it last longer. Whether you’re planning to cook steaks, burgers, or anything else over the grill this summer, you need to ensure that your charcoal lasts as long as possible so that it doesn’t all go up in smoke.

Here are 8 different methods to help your charcoal last as long as possible so you can cook more delicious BBQ dishes all season long!

The Chimney Starter

The chimney starter is a popular way of starting charcoal that will last up to an hour. The first step is to put the charcoal in the bottom of the chimney and place it on top of a grill grate.

The Chimney Starter
The Chimney Starter

Next, light some newspaper around the charcoal before lighting the paper with a lighter or matchstick. Once you’ve done this, slide your cooking grate over the top of the chimney and wait for your coals to turn grey.

The Snake Method

This method is one of the easiest ways to burn charcoal for hours. All you need is a metal grate, a few rocks, and some long pieces of wood. 

The Snake Method
The Snake Method

Place your charcoal on the grate and place the wood over it. Light the wood with a lighter or matches and watch as it burns. This method will help you have more control over how much charcoal you use and can also be used in combination with other methods if desired.

The Minion Method

This method involves placing a minion (or other small, round object) on top of the coals. The minion creates a chimney effect that draws air in from the bottom and warms up the coals from below. This allows for even burning throughout the entire piece of charcoal. 

The Minion Method
The Minion Method

If you don’t have a minion, you can use any type of cylinder-shaped object such as an empty coffee can or bottle with both ends cut off. To make this method work best, place coals on one side of your grill while using your chosen device in the center.

How do You Make Charcoal Stay Hot?

Regarding grilling, charcoal briquettes are the fuel of choice for many. They’re cheap, easy to use, and fairly consistent in how long they last before needing to be replaced. It’s natural to want your barbecue session to last as long as possible, but there are some things you can do to make your charcoal supply last longer between reloads.

Here are three ways you can keep the heat of your charcoal fire going strong while you grill up those burgers and hot dogs on the grill.

Use a Chimney Starter

A chimney starter is a great way to get your charcoal going and keep it going for hours. They work by creating an updraft channeled through the coals, which heats them enough so they are ready for grilling. You need a starter, newspaper or dry leaves, and coals. 

  • Put the chimney on the ground in front of you with the tube-shaped opening facing up. 
  • Push one coal into each side and light them with a lighter or matches. 
  • Add more coals in increments until they are all lit. Fill up your grill with hot coals once they start to burn out.

Soak Your Wood in Water

Soak your wood in water for about an hour before you place it on the grill. This way, the wood will be damp when you place it on the grill, creating a longer sustained heat. 

Soak Your Wood in Water
Soak Your Wood in Water

When you are done cooking, take the soaked charcoal off the grill and let it dry overnight. This will allow for faster combustion and keep your charcoal hot for longer.

Wrap Your Food in Aluminum Foil

If you wrap your food in aluminum foil, it will help keep the heat in and make your charcoal last longer. Aluminum foil is also a great way to cook foods that would normally not be able to be cooked on the grill such as vegetables, casseroles, etc. 

Wrap Your Food in Aluminum Foil
Wrap Your Food in Aluminum Foil

When cooking with aluminum foil, you want to create a packet by folding the edges of the foil over each other and then crimping them together. This will seal in all the flavors and keep them from burning up before they can get inside your food.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my charcoal not stay hot?

If you want to know how long your charcoal will stay hot, it all depends on how much of it you use and what type of charcoal you use. For example, briquettes will provide more heat for longer than lump charcoal because they release more energy. A majority of the heat from briquettes disappears after about an hour, but with lump charcoal, you can expect to get a couple of hours out of it.

Does charcoal heat faster with the lid on or off?

Many people wonder how long charcoal stays hot when you’re grilling. The answer to this question is a bit complicated because many variables affect how hot the coals will stay.

How long should charcoal sit before cooking?

Different types of charcoal will last different lengths of time. For example, briquettes can burn for up to two hours, while lump charcoal can last a maximum of one hour. As with all things in life, there are exceptions to these rules.

Does charcoal stop burning after some time?

Many people wonder how long charcoal stays hot and if it will stop burning after some time. A lot of factors come into play when determining how long charcoal stays hot and there are a few things you can do to extend your grilling time. First, you want to ensure that you have enough coals to last for the time you’re planning to grill.
Too few coals mean that your grill won’t be able to maintain its temperature and produce enough heat to cook food.

Will charcoal eventually burn out?

This is a difficult question, as it depends on various factors. One of these factors is the size of your grill, and how much charcoal you use.
If you have a smaller grill and use one bag of charcoal to fuel it, you can expect heat for about two hours or so. If you have a larger grill with more charcoal, you could have heat for up to six hours.

Does adding more charcoal increase heat?

Some think adding more charcoal will increase heat and prolong the cooking time. Adding more charcoal will not make the fire hotter or last any longer.
Adding more fuel to a fire increases air flow, which causes more oxygen to be drawn in. This will decrease the temperature of the fire by drawing oxygen away from it.


With all of these tips, you will be cooking out like a pro in no time. You can even take your charcoal grilling expertise to the next level by using it as a creative way to cook your food. Not only will this save you money, but it’ll also make for some delicious meals! Remember that charcoal stays hot for hours on end, so keep in mind how long you want your food to stay warm before adding it to the grill. I hope now you have a clear idea about how long does charcoal stay hot.

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