Grill Pan vs Electric Grill: Differences and Similarities

A grill pan is a pan with ridges to have those attractive grill marks on your food. Many use it indoors as an option to the regular grill, and to have the same impact of grilling in a grill. A grill pan rests above the burning stove to cook the food.

On the other hand, an electric grill allows cooking food indoors (if smokeless) and outdoors, in the backyard or any other area that can provide electricity. 

Grill pan vs. electric grill
Grill pan vs electric grill

Food cooked with both a grill pan and an electric grill is tasty but less smokey.

What is a Grill Pan?

A grill pan differs from a regular pan due to the distinct grill lines on its surface. The char patterns, texture, and color of the food are due to these grill lines. The grill lines help to drain the extra fats from uniform burning.

A grill pan works well as a substitute for the outdoor grill, and you can use it indoors. You can use grill pans for cooking vegetables, steak, chicken, fish, and shrimp. You can use a grill pan on almost all stovetops and even induction heaters.

What is a Grill Pan?
What is a Grill Pan

The grill pan mimics a regular grill by draining the extra fat out of the meat, adding a unique grill taste to your food. It regulates the heat source uniformly to the food ingredients, allowing it to cook evenly without soaking them in their fluids.

What is an Electric Grill?

An electric grill, as the name suggests, uses electricity to operate. The mechanism further regulates the heat source to provide a steady supply to cook the food evenly. An electric grill is safer than a charcoal or gas grill as it eliminates the risk of flare-ups or flames.

An electric grill comprises an electric element holding the grate on which you place the food. At the bottom, you have a drip pan that gathers the excess juices and fats dripping from the food during the cooking process.

What is an Electric Grill
What is an Electric Grill?

Some drip pans carry flavored ceramic charcoals that add a unique flavor after the juices drop on the pan. Some electric grills grate has deep groves to collect the juices and fats from the food. Electric grills come in many variants. Choose based on your preferences, like indoor use, outdoor use, stand models, or tabletop models.

Grill Pan vs Electric Grill: Differences and Similarities


The grill pan is different from the electric grill in several ways. 

  1. You can use a grill pan indoors. An electric grill may work indoors and outdoors based on the model and size.
  2. Grill pan can sit on any cooktop, including induction heaters. An electric grill lacks this feature or may not require any cooktop at all to cook food.
  3. A grill pan may use other heat sources, like the regular stove or electric power from induction, unless it’s an electric grill pan. The electric grill works on electricity.
  4. Cooking on a grill pan may be messy, as there are chances of oil and other juices from the food splashing around the cooking area. This problem may not happen with an electric grill, as it cooks in an enclosed chamber.
  5. Storage is easy with the grill pan. You can stack the grill pan conveniently in a compact space, which you cannot do with the electric grill.
  6. A grill pan may constrain the amount of food you want to cook. That may not be the case with an electric grill of a significantly large size.
  7. Grill pans are relatively more affordable than electric grills.
  8. When cooking on a grill pan, you can add the necessary ingredients like spices to the food, which you cannot do in the case of an electric or any other grill.
  9. Cooking on a grill pan is effortless, as you grill comfortably at home with your A.C. working. This luxury may not be the case with an electric grill if you keep it outside in your backyard or an area where the sun directly strikes you, making you sweat while you cook.


  1. Both; the grill pan and electric grill produce less smoke, so many might miss the authentic barbeque taste. But, at the same time, they are a boon for asthma patients or any smoke allergies.
  2. Both the cooking devices let out the fats and other juices from the food flow away, preventing them from blending with the food. It helps you to have fat-free foods benefitting your health.
  3. Both are great alternatives to charcoal, gas, and other grills, making the barbeque grilling process simple. They can cook all foods to the same standards as a traditional grill, except for the smokey tinge. 
  4. The grill pan and electric grill are pretty affordable than other grills. 
  5. Both are easy to clean and maintain, as opposed to other grills. E.g., in a charcoal and pellet grill, you need to clean the excess charcoal and pellets, and you spend a considerable time doing that. 
  6. They are safer than other grills to use. In charcoal and gas grills, there’s always a risk of flare-ups or flames going out of control, resulting in excess food burning or a possible mishap. In a gas grill, there may be a gas leakage, which may prove fatal if ignored.
  7. Grill pans and electric grills are comparatively easy to transport to other locations, rather than charcoal or other grills.
  8. You can use both indoors during hot weather, provided the electric grill model is a small one that accommodates in your kitchen.

Is an Electric Grill Better than a Grill Pan?

The grill pan and the electric grill are ideal alternatives to conventional grills, which give the food the same crispy and browny effect. It will be a bit challenging to decide which one is a better option than the other, as both have their pros and cons.

A grill pan can serve well for those who want grilled food to be cooked only in the kitchen. On the other hand, the electric grill can double up for indoor and outdoor use. Some models are portable if you plan to take them to some holiday destination. Just ensure you have a power connection there. 

Is an Electric Grill Better than a Grill Pan
Is an Electric Grill Better than a Grill Pan?

The grill pan will be ideal for a small family. For a mid-size family, the electric grill will suffice quantitatively. The grill pan may prove economical as opposed to the electric grill, as the electric grill will increase the amount in your electric bills.

A grill pan would require less space to accommodate itself. So it’s a better option for compact kitchens. On the other hand, the electric grill will need a dedicated space for itself due to its bulky structure.

The grill pan will require an energy source from another device to heat up, such as a gas stove or induction, unless it’s an electric grill pan. The electrical grill will power up with an electrical source and does not require any additional device to light it up.

Therefore, we can conclude that the grill pan and electric grill are equally usable. Having them is a matter of preference based on suitability.

Which Type of Grill is Healthier?

The gas grill steals the show when we talk about the healthier grill. When you use a charcoal grill, the HCAs (heterocyclic amines) and PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are released from the fats to mix up with food. Both HCAs and PAHs are known to develop cancer in your body. That’s why; how delicious the food is after cooking on a charcoal grill; it’s going to be risky. 

Which Type of Grill is Healthier
Which Type of Grill is Healthier?

The gas grill is better for the environment as it adds up to 1/3 of the carbon footprint than the charcoal grill. The carcinogen levels in the foods are comparatively low when grilled with a gas grill compared to charcoal grills.

If we look at the healthiest option in grills, the winner is the electric grill. Food grilled with electric grills does not have carcinogens. It is even better than a gas grill from a sustainability perspective, as it works on renewable energy. 

So, for health-conscious folks, electric grills are the best option to stay healthy and contribute your share towards sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a grill pan the same as a grill?

No, the grill pan is not a grill but just a pan with ridges on its surface to give a similar effect to grilling the food without a grill.

Are electric grills worth it?

Yes, electric grills are ideal for health-conscious and sustainability-sensitive people. It’s the safest and most hygienic way to grill.

Is it worth buying a grill pan?

Yes, a grill pan will serve the same purpose as an outdoor grill in your kitchen. Despite you having an outdoor grill, it will be worth buying a grill pan to grill your favorite food in harsh summers and chilly winters.

Is a grill pan good for your health?

Yes, it produces less smoke and allows the fatty substances to drip off the meat, making your food fat-free, which is good for your health.


If we look at grill pan vs electric grill comparison, we can see that both of them serve the same purpose. A grill pan is more handy and easy to stack in racks in your kitchen. While the grill pan serves indoors, you can use the electric grill indoors and outdoors.

Both are safe to operate as opposed to charcoal or gas grills. In addition, they add more value to sustainability. Both the pan and the grill are capable of grilling tasty food which is fat-free. Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain.

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