Pit Boss vs Z grill: Comparison, Pros and Cons

Technology innovations has simplified the method of barbecuing entirely. It has enabled us to get food grilled with perfection and the right flavor with the latest easy-to-use grills. There are several models and types available in the market. Choosing the right one might be confusing due to the several features that come with any griller.

Pit boss vs. Z grill (detail comparison)
Pit boss vs. Z grill (detail comparison)

For several grillers ranging from charcoal grills to electric grills, it’s entirely evident to face a dilemma on what to purchase. Today we are focusing on two popular brands from the pellet grill segment Pit boss vs z grill. If you have decided to buy a pellet grill and are finding it hard to narrow done on one, this article might be of your help.

Pit Boss vs Z Grill: Differences, Similarities, Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at a few similarities and differences.

Pit boss vs. Z grill
Pit boss vs. Z grill


  • Both use wooden pellets as fuel
  • Similar temperature setting – at around 500 degrees F for both.
  • Both are budget-friendly.
  • Offer direct flame access.


Pit BossZ Grill
Can work for 2 hours at max temperatureCan work for 3 hours at max temperature
Pellet Hopper Capacity = 5 lbsZ grills Pellet Hopper Capacity = 8 lbs
Cooking grate area 340 square inchesCooking grate only provides 332 square inches
Temperature range: 180 to 500 degrees FTemperature range: 180 to 450 degrees F
Cooking grate made up of porcelain-coated cast ironZ Grills goes with basic coated steel wire
Extensive range of productsBetter technology than Pit boss
Durable and long-lastingAccuracy in temperature
Popular than Z-grills

pros and cons of Pit boss


✅ Affordable pricing
✅ Vertical structure does not take much space
✅ Ample vertical space available with racks for organized storage
✅ Front glass to monitor your food’s cooking status
✅ Extended sessions are possible due to the large-sized hopper
✅ Wireless connectivity enabled. Plus, you can install a Wi-Fi controller on a few older models.


❌ You may lose control over the process due to random temperature increments after 250 degrees F.
❌ Only one probe was included despite having two ports.
❌ All the drawbacks of a typical wooden pellet grill, such as
⭕ Electricity required.
⭕ Pellets can catch moisture.
⭕ Less smoky than a charcoal grill.
⭕ Recurring expenses on wooden pellets and electricity bills.

pros and cons of Z grill


✅ Affordable pricing.
✅ Large cooking surface.
✅ Digital controller assists in maintaining a consistent and steady temperature.
✅ Rust-free cooking grates.
✅ Porcelain coating on the grates prevents food from sticking.
✅ Easy to use and clean.


❌ Emptying the hopper is complex.
❌ No Wi-Fi.
❌ Grease the bucket above the storage.
❌ All the drawbacks of a typical wooden pellet grill, as mentioned in Pit boss cons.

How to Use Pit Boss?

Using a pit boss griller is easy. Herewith are a few steps to help you with it.

How to Use Pit Boss
How to Use Pit Boss?
  1. Check for any unwanted materials in the hopper and remove them.
  2. Take out all cooking elements from the grill’s interior side.
  3. Connect the grill to the electrical power source.
  4. Turn on the power and set the temperature to ‘smoke’.
  5. To ensure the appropriate auger working open the hopper lid.
  6. Feel the airflow by placing your hand over the fire pot. Avoid touching it.
  7. You will feel warm air after a minute or two. In addition, you can also notice the ignitor smell.
  8. Now turn off the power after confirming the grill is powering up correctly.
  9. Fill the fuel in the hopper: The first and foremost thing is to fill up the hopper with fuel. The fuel for a pellet grill is wooden pellets. Ensure you put in 2 lbs of pellets for each hour of low smoking. For grilling in a quick hot way, fill in 4 lbs pellets into the hopper.
  10. Open the lid once you set the grill: After filling the pellets, open the grill hood and set it on ‘smoke.’

Setting to ‘smoke’ allows you to ignite the grill with minimum pellets within 3 to 4 mins. Keeping on the smoke setting enables the grill to ignite well before adding extra pellets. Setting the grill to 400 degrees F from the start will demand more pellets till the temperature hits the 400 degrees mark. The excess fuel will dull the fire failing to light the grill properly. You will end up with a massive count of pellets in the hopper but no fire. 

  1. Time to prep the food: The pit boss grill lit up very fast. Within 3 to 4 mins, you can see the fire alive after turning the grill on. This is the perfect time to grill your food.
  2. Thick clouds of smoke: Thickened smoke clouds indicate that you are doing it perfectly. It means the fuel-feeding is correctly happening. Don’t panic due to the thick smoke. The smoke will disperse after 3 to 4 mins.
  3. Start grilling: You may notice the noise of fire once Pit Boss is ready to grill food. Your griller is now available to take in the food to grill perfectly.

How to Shut Down Pit Boss Grill?

The pit boss grill goes through a naturally clean process during shutting down. Any excess grease is rid from the latest grilling session. Set the temperature to high after emptying the grill by taking out all the food. Then close the lid and run the grill for about 5 to 10 mins. You will notice there’s no grease remaining in the griller, reducing the possibility of a grease fire in the next grilling.

How to use Z grill?

The operation of a Z grill is no different from Pit Boss. Yet, herewith are the steps to help you with. 

How to use Z grill
How to use Z grill?
  1. Switch the grill ON with the Shut Down showing on the controller. You may notice some number flashing on the LCD, like 450, 700, or 702, followed by the software version.
  2. Lift the grill lid to set it on “smoke.”
  3. Once you hear the fire roaring after 3 to 5 minutes, close the lid. Now set the target temperature. By now, the thick smoke produced from the grill also reduces and disperses in the air.
  4. Place food into the grill once it reaches the desired temperature.
  5. During the grilling operation, avoid opening the lid often. It will reduce the temperature, resulting in food not grilling as you wish.
  6. There’s nothing to worry about if there’s a drop or increase in the temperature than the targetted. It is normal. Typically it will take around 15 to 20 minutes for a steady temperature.

How to Shut Down Z grill?

You may want to shut down the Z grill at a lower or higher temperature. The method slightly differs for both, and herewith are the steps.

At Low temperatures below 160ºC

  1. Set the dial to “Shut Down.”
  2. It will halt the auger and prevent extra pellets from going into the fire pot.
  3. Till all the pellets burn into the fire pot, the fan will keep running for about 10 mins.
  4. After the fans stop, you can turn off the griller.

At High temperatures above 160ºC

  1. Set the grill to ‘smoke.’ Allow it to run for a minimum of 10 mins. Doing so will extinguish the fire.
  2. After the fire dies out, set the grill to “Shut Down.”
  3. The auger will stop, preventing extra pellets from going into the fire pot.
  4. After completely burning the already collected pellets into the fire pot, the fan will stop.
  5. Then you can turn off the griller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it ok to leave Z grill on smoke?

Yes. Try keeping the smoke setting at least for the first hour of cooking. It will help you get the unique smokey flavor.

What are the disadvantages of Pit Boss and Z grill as pellet grills collectively?

You cannot transport the pellet grills to any location of your desire. Pellet grills run on electric power, hence you need to ensure that you have the source, wherever you want to take it. Moreover, shipping them to another location may risk damaging their electrical parts. Also, you cannot use them in wet weather.

Is it necessary to flip meat when grilling on a pellet?

Yes, for better results flipping is essential. Small pieces can be flipped once during the entire cooking period. Larger cuts should be flipped more than once to get the desired taste.


Both Pit Boss and Z grill are great grillers. Despite being budget-friendly, they match the performance of their higher-end competitors. If we summarize pit boss vs z grill comparison, we can say for cooking freaks looking for a long-lasting and durable griller, Pit Boss is the best option. For those looking for temperature accuracy, the Z grill is the best bet.

Z grill even offers a large cooking area as compared to Pit Boss. Operating both grills is fairly simple, and the procedure is almost similar. Both are good buys at an affordable price, delivering quality grilled food.

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